Wasserstoff Mikroflamme Generator

H2O Welder for 1 or 2 flame torch

H2O Gen.jpg (33328 Byte) hochreine Wasserstoff Flamme

These unique systems generate a very Clean Pin Point Flame with Temperatures up to 2600°C from Pen Size Torches. In Operation the H2O welders uses low voltage electricity to dissociate distilled water into 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen gases. The torch tip is a hypodermic needle. Boric Acid can be added to the Methyl-alcohol to act as a gas flux to keep parts clean.


- Soft Soldering and Brazing
- Spot annealing of small parts in all metals
- Welding, cutting of very thin metals
- Polishing plastics
- Used in Medical device manufacturing and Jewelery making
- Epoxy Curing

mod_l45.jpg (17244 Byte) Model L/45
Gas Production 45 Lt/hour
Consuption of demineralized water 22 cc/h
Consuption of alcohol 9 cc/h
Capacity of alcohol 153 cc
Max- Power 280 Watt
Electrolyte quantity 0,5 Lt.
Overall dimensions LxPxH 28,5 x 29 x 23 cm
Weight 14 kg
Flame Torch 1


mod_l80.jpg (16365 Byte) Model L/80
Gas Production 80 Lt/hour
Consuption of demineralized water 41 cc/h
Consuption of alcohol 15 cc/h
Capacity of alcohol 225 cc
Max- Power 590 Watt
Electrolyte quantity 1,0 Lt.
Overall dimensions LxPxH 38,5 x 36 x 28,5 cm
Weight 25 kg
Flame Torch 2

Some Industries using the H2O Welders

- Jewery
- Dental Labs
- Medical Device Manufacturers
- Plastics
- Electronics

Key Benefits

- Safe, simple to operate and reliable
- Ideal for quick clean Brazing and Soldering
- Eliminates dangerous gas storage and costly gas lines
- Reducing agent (Fluxes) of flame eliminates heavy oxidation on substrates
- Heat is localized to small area
- Virtually Maintenance Free


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