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Specifications RD-500SH

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Max PCB Size 400mm x 420mm
Device Size 0,5mm - 50mm (Edge-Length)
Placement Accuracy +/- 25µm
Top Heater 700 Watt Hot Air
Bottom Heater 700 Watt Hot Air
Total Area Heater (Bottom) Standard 2x 400Watt Dark-IR (800W Total)
Top / Bottom Heater Range 0 - 500°C
Area Heater Range 0 - 500°C
Computer Standard PC with WinXP Pro
Display 15" TFT LCD
Dimensions W 580mm x D 585mm x H 610mm
Weight 50 kg
Air / Gas 60 Liters/Minute - shop-air
Power 200-230VAC, 2,2kW (1,4KW without IR Bottomheater)

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