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Micro-Ovens / Nozzles

Nozzle without Adjustable Walls Part Number Size (inside dimension)
nozzle1.png (29102 Byte) ANZ-07 7x7 mm
ANZ-09 9x9 mm
ANZ-13 13x13 mm
ANZ-15 15x15 mm
ANZ-18 18x18 mm
ANZ-20 20x20 mm
ANZ-22 22x22 mm
ANZ-24 24x24 mm
ANZ-26 26x26 mm
Nozzle with Adjustable Walls Part Number Size (inside dimension)
nozzle2.png (28241 Byte) ANZ-28 28x28 mm
ANZ-30 30x30 mm
ANZ-32 32x32 mm
ANZ-35 35x35 mm
ANZ-37 37x37 mm
ANZ-39 39x39 mm
ANZ-44 44x44 mm
ANZ-49 49x49 mm
ANZ-52 52x52 mm
Micro Nozzle Part Number Size (inside dimension)
nozzle3.png (14920 Byte) ANZ-05 5mm

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